The Moose is loose


This moose has been a popular design with the caricature style and the buck teeth.

I wanted something that was a Timber Wolf Wood Carving  (TWWC) original design that would bring a smile with a goofy flair to it.

The antlers were the biggest challenge as the basswood I use to carve my pieces has a tight grain, but is extremely susceptible to breaking.

I carved it cross grained to strengthen the delicate parts of the tines and base where it enters the head of the moose.  I carved them separately from the rest of the piece and drilled a wire into the antlers, glued it in placement and then drilled it into the head, gluing it as well.This was an extremely fun piece and I hope you enjoy it!

Back at the blog thing

It has been a long time since I’ve blogged my passion for carving.  So long so that my original WordPress carving blog has been removed from the site due to inactivity.

My plan is to document my carving journey celebrating successes while discussing pieces that either didn’t work out, or didn’t turn out as planned.

I intend to eventually include video documentation of projects in the hope of encouraging a budding carver, or to elicit the ability of folks to try carving for the first time.  I’ll be offering tips and advice on all types of issues from tools, creating your own style to painting and presentation.

I appreciate you looking in and encourage questions, comments and yes, even critiques.

I look forward to you walking this path with me.