The Moose is loose


This moose has been a popular design with the caricature style and the buck teeth.

I wanted something that was a Timber Wolf Wood Carving  (TWWC) original design that would bring a smile with a goofy flair to it.

The antlers were the biggest challenge as the basswood I use to carve my pieces has a tight grain, but is extremely susceptible to breaking.

I carved it cross grained to strengthen the delicate parts of the tines and base where it enters the head of the moose.  I carved them separately from the rest of the piece and drilled a wire into the antlers, glued it in placement and then drilled it into the head, gluing it as well.This was an extremely fun piece and I hope you enjoy it!

Author: timberwolfer

I'm a simple guy doing what I love to do, pulling a finished piece out of a chunk of wood.

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